Sensory Bin Play!

I am a huge fan of Sensory bins, endless creative play opportunities can evolve through sensory play. Sensory bins help children to explore their world through their senses, and sensory play can have a calming effect, help to stay focused, and can be very engaging.  Sensory bins like the ones that can be found at Table Four 6 are very beneficial for children’s development!

I am particularly partial to the Penguin Sensory Bin Kit!  Penguins, dry snow, waterbeds and an assortment of other items are included in this kit. Very creative and inviting for little ones! What makes these Sensory Bin Kits so nice, is that you don’t have to plan what to put in your bin as the work is already done for you!

and the Alphabet Sensory Bin Kit

Table Four 6 has many other Sensory Bin Kits to choose from as well as other sensory related items. Be sure to give them a visit at their shop!

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